Installations and Start Up


When selling machineries to an end-user, manufacturers want to be absolutely sure that all assembly activities run smoothly, in order to give a good first impression, with no possible unexpected event; this is the first time that end-users can look at the machine closely and see it in the location where it will work and produce.

Considering the importance of all these aspects, CRC technicians are fully aware of the great responsibility they are entrusted to. Over so many years of activity, CRC has gained an extensive experience in professionally dealing with all complex steps that lead up to a successful installation and start-up, for all kinds of machineries.

Over the last 20 years, CRC has installed some hundreds of machineries of many different types in various industrial fields, all over the world. A team of at least 10 CRC technicians is always employed in these activities and a back-office employee is fully dedicated to organize and manage all business trips and assignments.

Machineries disassembly and packing

Once the machineries have been tested at manufacturers’ premises, the work of CRC technicians begins: they arrange for labelling and disassembling activities, as well as for packing protections and handling of all line components. They disassemble the machinery according to a sequence and a logic agreed with the manufacturers’ Project Manager and with the final end-user, in order to consider all logistic aspects.

Upon request, CRC can support or take care of all handling and packing activities, including the supply of sanitized crates or protective sacks, when needed. Manufacturers or end-user customers, instead, usually organize shipping and delivery of the disassembled machineries.

At the same time, CRC also organizes the business stay of its technicians, who always arrive at end-users’ premises before the machinery arrival.

installazioni di macchine in tutto il mondo

Worldwide machinery installation at end-users’ premises

Machinery installation at end-users’ premises includes unloading, appropriate handling and erection activities, taking advantage of lifting equipment rented by local companies.

Machinery re-assembling is sometimes carried out also employing and coordinating end-users’ workers; CRC people on site lead technical meetings to monitor the job working progress to avoid any delay and keep manufacturers’ project managers always updated on job schedule and details.


Machineries start up support and assistance by end-user customers worldwide

Once assembly is completed, a CRC technician remains on site and collaborates with manufacturers’ testing technicians on machinery start and set-up.

After assembly, for some long-standing customers and for some kinds of machineries, CRC can even take charge of the starting and setting up of installed machineries and train the workers that will use them.

modifiche layout

Layout modification and machineries transfer by worldwide customers

Along with the already mentioned activities – that CRC carries out on behalf of manufacturers – CRC is frequently asked for support in production line moving from end-user customers.

Before starting with the displacement, CRC technicians get in contact with the manufacturer of the line that need to be moved.

All logistic aspects related to these activities are organized by CRC staff with the utmost flexibility, confidentiality and reliability, always complying with safety regulations and manufacturers’ and end-users’ working procedures.

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