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WIVA represents the experience and the reliability of a network of companies dedicated to the development of products and technical services; their know-how helps them operating in various industrial fields, creating value for their customers.

WIVA draws and coordinates resources oriented to continuous improvement, people engaged in the research of innovative solutions aiming at improving the offer of exclusive products and services.

WIVA guarantees the ability to listen and analyse, it has a wide technical knowledge; its attitude is to combine different disciplines to then provide a broader vision, planning abilities, quality and manufacturing concreteness.

WIVA takes advantage of its background – made of the different companies’ experiences – to take each single company further, implementing their leadership each in its own sector.

The Network



CRC is a reliable partner entrusted by many companies who ask for products and technical services.

The experience gained over the years guarantees the quality of the work carried out by CRC people, who grew in time according to customers’ need.

Over more than 30 years of activity, CRC has gained great expertise in many different industrial fields, thus boosting its ability to listen to and interpret customers’ needs and turn them into new projects.

The experience


CRC’s knowledge and experience have always been linked to technological evolution and the development of partner companies, be them machineries or consumer goods manufacturers.

The collaboration with plants and machineries manufacturers operating worldwide has always helped CRC to understand the importance of the work carried out by different company sectors such as R&D, Purchasing and Manufacturing Dept., installation, start-up, after sales service.

Dealing with goods manufacturers, CRC knows very well that machinery breakdown is still one of the most frequent and damaging risk for a company.

In these common scenarios, CRC can take advantage of its knowledge and make its long-standing expertise available for its customers.

CRC staff is made up of skilled and trained technicians always updated on reference best practices, whose competences are certified and who carry out their tasks with passion and competence, always trying to be proactive towards the customer.

Customers trust CRC people, as they know that their products’ and company’s success partly depends on them.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, CRC has organized adequate spaces, means and equipment to carry out its activities.

Managing projects abroad is far more complex than doing it in one’s own country, as it requires higher technical and cultural competences, problem solving skills and the ability to deal with ever changing situations.

Supplying products and services worldwide, CRC technicians have gained great experience in managing and settling even unexpected events, thus making CRC a well renowned company worldwide.

Our people

Our people

Dealing with machineries manufacturers who manage production in more and more performing plants, CRC knows that services and supplies can not be planned in full, but must all the same be considered in all details and with the smallest possible margin of error.

The quality of the work carried out by CRC staff plays a key role in the confidence that customers entrust to CRC.

The growth and development of CRC’s know-how is closely linked to the ethical values and company goals shared by all colleagues: the customers’ satisfaction is the consequence of a planned, shared and checked work, based on values such as commitment, trust, honesty.

CRC constantly invests in the training and tutoring of its own staff, organizing and/or participating to events, seminars and training courses on different topics, such as communication and leadership, production planning, machineries maintenance techniques, mechanical parts assembly techniques, equipment usage. The company also provides safety training as well as training on materials handling and lifting equipment.

The Privacy


CRC has a sound experience in small/medium size prototypes manufacturing and tune up.

Skilled, discreet and trustworthy technicians are assigned to these activities; they are able to properly manage and develop activities such as analysis, design, materials and components supplying, assembly and prototypes tune up.

For privacy reasons, sometimes related to patent applying, filing and granting, some activities are carried out in restricted access areas.

When needed, upon customers’ request, CRC can formalize specific privacy agreements.

Industrial fields


CRC is partner of many international manufacturers of machineries and plants in many different industrial sectors. Customers’ staff daily interacts with CRC technicians, analyzing every single aspect of each project.

Sometimes these experiences enable CRC to act as sub-manufacturer and to be involved in the main steps of manufacturing and machinery selling to final users.

CRC’s most significant business relationships are those with Italian and foreign companies that design, manufacture and sell different types of machineries and plants:



Over the years, CRC has gained a considerable experience both in the supplying of maintenance services […]


Paper & Board

CRC activities related to paper and board production machineries consists mainly in the supply of manteinance […]


Corrugated Cardboard

The long-standing business partnerships that CRC has with many corrugated cardboard […]



Thanks to a partnership with a global player in the field of nonwovens rewinder manufacturing […]


Pharmaceutical field

CRC has gained a significant experience in the manufacturing and assembling of production lines […]


Food Packaging

CRC has been working with food producers for some years up to now, offering maintenance services […]


Oil & Gas

A part of CRC workshop is constantly dedicated to the assembly of components […]


Rubber & Plastic

CRC is one of the outstanding suppliers of an Italian manufacturer of extruded plastic products […]

Our Clients

Over the last 30 years many leader companies in various different business fields have trusted CRC as reliable partner able to support them in their production activities.

The success of these companies – be them small or multinationals – is determined by the capacity to be competitive on global markets, offering innovative solutions and improvements in production processes and sale support.

With its supplies and services, CRC contributes to the leadership of many of these companies that offer their products on national and international markets.

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