Manteinance Services


Maintenance interventions on plants and machineries

Working with goods manufacturers, CRC has gained great experience in the managing of always more performing production plants in a wide range of industrial fields.  CRC perfectly knows that any breakdown can cause a production stop and consequent damages for consumer goods producers.

CRC can offer a wide range of overhaul services for many different machineries, helping customers to get the most out of their production plants.

Working in partnership with the other companies’ member of the WIVA network, CRC’s services are focused on guaranteeing the reliability of all machineries and improving their working conditions, thus reducing unexpected plant downtown at their minimum.

Leader manufacturers entrust CRC with the implementation of scheduled maintenance services on different utilities installed in their production plants.

CRC technicians employed in the maintenance division have specific mechanical, electrical and instrumental skills; they carry out checks and interventions according to the indications provided by the maintenance plans issued by customers or plants’ contractors.

In order to meet customers’ need, these activities can be carried out either by the day or on shift. When needed, CRC can also formalize 24/7 availability and intervention agreements.

Spare parts manufacturing and/or supplying

Thanks to its long-standing experience, CRC can carry out the complete overhaul of many different types of plants and machineries in its workshops, considering also the supply or manufacturing of spares either by purchasing them directly from original manufacturers or by producing them according to the modifications needed by customers.

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