Engineering Services


This indication includes different types of activities mainly addressed to the technical offices of the customers CRC works for.

The interaction between technical offices is always very close: they share the project guidelines and an approach that encourages team working, in order to compare ideas and evaluate every single aspect related to the job, such as static and moving parts dimensioning, commercial components use, layout needs and many other aspects.

Studi di fattibilità

Machinery manufacturing or groups’ feasibility study

CRC technical staff daily combines the expertise if its Senior and Junior collaborators to evaluate all aspects linked to the development of new projects and the manufacturing of new machineries, included the safety requirements as per Machinery Directive.

Studi ed elaborazione

Machineries design

The technical office is frequently asked to design machineries based on customers’ needs or specifications. CRC autonomously develops a project, updating the customer, who is always in control and has to approve every single step before starting production.


Customers’ drawings’ development and 3D modeling

When customers require it, CRC technical office can also provide 2D and 3D drawings development: it can extract and work on detailed technical boards from overall 3D drawings provided by the customer, or it can as well assembly machineries or groups starting from 2D drawings. CRC technicians carry out these activities supporting the customers’ technical offices even in components coding, taking advantage of the most appropriate methods and databases.


Manuals and exploded views of various types of machineries

CRC technical staff can also provide high-quality vector isometric illustrations, as well as detailed manuals for complete machineries or groups, taking care of text contents, designs, technical illustrations and animations even of the usual format used by customers.


Technical documentation for commercial promotion

Customers’ marketing and commercial depts. sometimes ask CRC to elaborate presentations, animations or videos to illustrate the functioning of machineries. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art software and hardware, CRC technicians can provide this kind of commercial material to be used on the occasion of exhibitions, open-house events or products presentation.


Documents for patent application

Engineering activities sometimes include dealing with those in charge of managing the intellectual property. Upon request, CRC can help in depositing patent application, extending patents to foreign countries or evaluate current or future possibilities to protect solution already applied or applicable on various types of machineries.

studi e veriche

Safety checks according to Machinery Directive

In carrying out engineering activities, CRC technical staff pays the utmost attention to confidentiality and safety issues, always complying to Machinery Directive norms.

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