Machineries for OEM


Machineries manufacturing to the customer’s drawings and itemized list

Trusting CRC’s experience and organizing ability, many customers prefer to outsource and entrust the manufacturing of complete machineries or part of machineries to CRC, providing technical drawings and the itemized list of components.

When this happens, CRC takes care not only of the mechanical and electrical assembly, but also of the purchase of all the needed commercial components included in the drawings, also managing – when needed – eventual thermal treatments on different material components, superficial treatments and/or painting.

Machineries manufacturing to the customer’s specifications

Other situations require CRC to define with customer the technical specifications of the machineries to be supplied, and it then acts independently to study, dimension and design them.

Once received final approval from customer, CRC starts machineries production taking in charge all aspects related to the purchase of commercial components and assembly. Along with these supplies, CRC then helps the customers in tuning and engineering the machineries, according to the logic of serial manufacturing.

Prototype machineries designing, manufacturing and development

Partner customers frequently assign CRC the designing and manufacturing of prototype machineries fully or partially custom built, based on their end-user customers’ requests.

In these situations, the interaction between CRC and the customer’s technical offices is very close: they share the project guidelines and the same control and dimensioning methods of the different items, according to the components requested.

Once the technical specs of the machinery supplied are agreed upon, CRC works in complete autonomy to design and carry out all the needed activities to take the project to completion.
The supply of prototypes is usually followed by technical assistance provided by CRC technicians, who test it at end users’ premises.

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