Assembly Activities


Mechanical and system assembly on machineries and groups

Working with Italian and foreigner manufacturers, CRC has gained significant experience in the assembling of machineries and systems of different kinds and dimensions, destined to various industrial fields.

CRC expertise is mainly focused on mechanical activities, but over the years, in order to meet the customers’ needs, CRC has also integrated skilled technicians able to provide services linked to the installation of pneumatic, oleo-dynamic, electrical and automation systems.

According to the customers’ needs and the types of machineries, CRC can carry out these activities either in its workshops or at customers’ premises. When working in its workshops, CRC takes also care of all logistic issues, such as the supply of bolts, screws and other consumables, as well as packing and shipping, in order to meet the expected deadlines according to the agreed working timetable.

CRC workshops are equipped with lifting equipment, external ample space for manoeuvre and parking, specific tools for pneumatic, oleo-dynamic, electrical and automation systems.

CRC’s workshops are duly organized in working and storage areas and include the machine tools needed to carry out all required tuning and fixing activities.

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