Log Weighing System

Log Weighing System

The Log Weighing System is made of a painted carbon steel frame with adjustable feet with the possibility to anchor N°4 loading cells and more hardware components of the weighing system.

In the upper part of the structure, you can find the log running surface made in stainless steel; a mechanical system, activated by two pneumatic pistons, is conceived to lock the surface, aiming at protecting the loading cells.

The particular shape of the structure- running surface, allows the usage of the Log Weighing System in the total respect of the safety standards.

The power and signal cables and the signals elaboration unit complete the system; they are located in a steel cover where the touch video for the control and weighing system command is installed.

The device can weigh up to 50 log per minute.

How to use it

For a correct usage of the device, you have to insert the shaped tip inside the coil on the roll side with great care to select the material height not superior to the quantity that can be cut and then start the blade and push on the side to cut the material.

As the cutting operation is very easy, it is suggested to make more cuts of a smaller quantity of material instead of bigger quantity, in order not to overload the battery.

When used to clean the empty cores once they arrive at the end of the material, the device must be moved upside down and used forcing the rostrum applied on the back between the pipe and the paper and pushing it in order to remove the material.

The device is supplied with a spare battery, in order to have always an optimal functioning, therefore it is suggested to often substitute the battery on board with that in charge to always have the maximum energy available.

Technical features

Pipes diameter:up to 2’
Battery tension:220 V for Italy
Frequency:50 HZ for Italy
Blade diameter:80 mm
Weighing material:4 mm
Blade spins Nr:3343 RPM
Battery pack:8V and 1.5 AH Li-ion
Battery charger:8V Li-ion

Kit Composition

The cutting device supply includes the following elements:

  • A cutting device complete with rechargeable battery
  • One spare battery to keep in charge when the first one is in use.
  • A battery charger.
  • A series of 5 blades.
  • One box with all the elements stated above.
  • Instructions

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